KIck it up

Lime Lemon

Floral Blush

Strawberry Banada

Everyday Chocolate Bomb

4 Assorted size chocolate ball $12.00

Your choice of flavor

6 pc  for $9.00

12 pc for $17.00

4 pc for $6.00

Valentine Special

Break My Heart (Hammer included)  $12.00 each

Melt My Hear with French Vanilla Chocolate Bomb $ 8.00 each

Everyday Vegan Bar Collection

Ginger Hisbiscus and pink peppercorn

Jasmine Sesame and Apricot

Rosemary Peppermint and Pineapple

Rose and Pears

Lemon and Strawberry

Jasmine Mint and Lemon

Lavender and Coconut

Each flavor is a unique creation, $4.50 each