Our Story

As a pastry chef and now a chocolatier, creating new flavors and designs are some of the most important things to fulfill my mission!!  

After graduated from George Brown College and Le Cordon Bleu,  I started my pastry business and it's been almost 20 years, time for a change!  Years of pastry business has given me valuable knowledge and satisfaction, yet not quite have the time for chocolate.  After some life changing event, its time to finish where I left behind.

Life is not always as promising and when you feel down, a piece of chocolate might lift you up again and that’s the magic of chocolate. This works well with all ages and both sexes. I believe in the power of chocolate as a healing element. Some like milk, some like less sugar, some like higher percentage of cocoa which taste bitter, but all in all good quality chocolate is still a healthier snack.

I have come up with chocolate carrying extra natural healing and soothing power!   Please check out the vegan chocolate bars in the menu section.

Herbs, which I have always been a big fan of, make me feel so connected with the ‘tree of life’!!  Therefore, I have decided to combine the natural healing elements to chocolate, developing 7 flavored chocolate bars. It is a very long process to infuse natural oil from herbs and botanicals to coco butter but everyday is a loving and grateful day when I see little bubbles coming from the herbs in the coco butter during infusion. So much love and so much patience.

I hope you will enjoy my chocolate as a snack or as a healing snack to your soul!