Our Story

          As a pastry chef and now a chocolatier, creating new flavours and designs are some of the most important things to fulfill my mission!!

          Life is not always as promising and when you feel down, a piece of chocolate might lift you up again and that’s the magic of chocolate. This works well with all ages and both sexes. I believe in the power of chocolate as a healing element. Some like milk, some like less sugar, some like higher percentage of cocoa which taste bitter, but all in all good quality chocolate is still a healthier snack.

          Nowadays in the market there are different types of companies carrying different kinds of their signature chocolate. Some make from bean to bar, some make totally organic, some have a long company history etc. As for me, I have come up with chocolate carrying extra natural healing power! As mentioned before chocolate is a healthy snack especially dark chocolate which is a powerful source of antioxidants and improved blood flow etc.

          There are times in life that you have to make important decisions which could affect you both physically and emotionally. You have to be brave enough to go through changes and changes need courage and patience. With a dear friend who introduced me to the natural botanical world, I fell in love almost immediately with their natural aroma and how their scents can actually strengthen your inner self. Herbs, which I have always been a big fan of, make me feel so connected with the ‘tree of life’!!

Therefore, I have decided to combine the 2 natural healing elements to chocolate, developing 7 flavored chocolate bars representing 7 chakras. It is a very long process to infuse natural oil from herbs and botanicals to coco butter but everyday is a loving and grateful day when I see little bubbles coming from the herbs in the coco butter during infusion. So much love and so much patience.

          So I hope you will enjoy my chocolate as a snack or as a healing snack to your soul!